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Mostbet – Real Madrid striker Vinicius Júnior

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Mostbet – the footballer, who was called the new Neymar. Should not fail as badly in his career and find himself without the main prize of soccer. Vinicius has enough talent and victories. With the club and the national team to get the coveted trophy.

The time when Messi and Ronaldo will cease to be in the top three. And then in the top ten contenders. For the Ballon d’Or is approaching at the speed of light. The major soccer stars of the last 15 years are still wildly good and deservedly collecting awards. But age will very soon put them on the back burner. And let the talented youngsters breathe.

The approximate next lineup of contenders. For the coveted ball is clear: Mbappe and Holann have been thrilling fans for several seasons with great play. And unreal goal-scoring ability. The Frenchman and the Norwegian are ready. To organize a new opposing tandem like Leo and Krisch. But there is a player in the world who will prevent another tedious duopoly.

Junior moved to Madrid at 18 and has made absolute progress in three years. In his first seasons the winger played as if . He was ashamed of his new partners and fans. Plus he didn’t get enough support from Zidane – in the Primera and Champions League. Seasons 2018/19 and 2019/20 he played a combined 2,645 minutes. But in the past, Vini spent 2,604 minutes on the field. And in the half of this one he has already managed 1,900. Can you feel how Real Madrid’s need for the guy has grown?

The Brazilian is incredibly good and useful. He knocked the expensive Azar out of the lineup with no chance. Of a comeback and sees no other competition for the position. But despite the lack of competition. He still continues to improve. His strong play is reflected not only in minutes. But also in other indicators: the winger has scored 12 goals in 23 games of the season (a third of all goals at Real Madrid) and has given 7 assists. He is the main threat. After his actions Madrid have an average of 4.28 shots per game (Shot-Creating Actions). Vinay himself attacks the goal at least twice (2.34) and successfully dribbles at least three times.

Most importantly, in the context of the Ballon d’Or, Junior not only plays effectively. But also as effectively as possible. Unlike Mbappe and Holann, who mostly put their feet and other body parts under the ball in the box, Vinicius really does magic. He was compared to Neymar in his youth for a reason. Just watch a few videos on YouTube to fall in love with his airy and clever dribbling. The ZM winner must be a striking personality on the field, and the Brazilian has an excellent resume in this regard.

As the practice of recent years shows. Productive and beautiful play is enough to become a favorite for the ball. But it’s better to be reinsured and add trophies to your collection. Vinicius shouldn’t have any problem with that in the next few years either.

At Real Madrid, he’s guaranteed cup contests and often tournament victories. But he is unlikely to stop there. Given that Neymar is increasingly fooling around and is at risk of losing his status as national team leader. Vinicius is happy to take the baton from him. Another Brazilian championship will not leave. The French Football blazers a choice who to crown as Crist and Leo’s successor.