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Mostbet: “Bad boy Ngannou hurt Dana.” UFC president refused to award the champion


Mostbet: A very “manly” act from an all-powerful functionary. It hardly adds to his respect.

The first top UFC event of 2022 ended with a tense, though not the most spectacular fight for the heavyweight belt. Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gunn fought at medium speed for all five rounds: the reigning champion acted with noticeable superiority and deservedly retained the title.

During the announcement of the judges’ decision, there was a small embarrassment – instead of Dana White, who traditionally gives the belt to the winner of the title fight, the award was given to Ngannu by UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard. Of course, the champion immediately noticed the “switch”, as did everyone around him.

Curiously enough, Davison Figueiredo, who fought before Ngannou, got his belt from White’s hands. But Ngannou was not approached by the UFC President and even skipped the press conference, where the protagonist was still the same Ngannou. It is very uncharacteristic for the famous functionary, usually he is happy to take part in such events. Apparently, White simply didn’t want to answer many questions about the heavyweight champion. He’s had to do it too often in recent days anyway, which has caused Dana to become visibly annoyed.

What is the reason for White and Ngannou’s conflict? It’s very simple — money. The African champion is among the active opponents of the current UFC payroll policy, when even the stars of the promotion get relatively small money, if you compare with the same professional boxing.

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Francis, who has one fight left on his contract, flatly refused to sign a new deal without a massive pay raise. White responded in his repertoire, claiming that he pays enough and that all rumors of his greed are “speculation by stupid agents.”

Although Dana outwardly doesn’t give a damn about Ngannou’s departure, it’s clear that the Predator’s impending transition to boxing will be a huge reputational failure for the UFC. The president is eager to negotiate with Francis, but so far it looks like the champion has really had his last fight in the organization.

So White took offense to the Cameroonian by refusing to go to him in the octagon. Surely he was hoping for a Cyril Gan win, in which case he would have been able to let Nganna go free without a noticeable loss.

But no one appreciated White’s frankly childish act. Ngannou just grinned at journalists’ questions, stressing that he doesn’t know the reasons for the UFC president’s absence. Ordinary fans even harshly condemned the functionary in social network comments: “Bad boy Ngannou hurt Dana”, “White is acting like a child”, “I think the president needs help” and so on. So far, White’s refusal to give Ngannou the belt looks like a gesture of desperation — the famous president is close to losing his big star. Which may just be the beginning of the exodus of major faces from the UFC.