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Mostbet: Best Turkish Football Clubs – Turkey’s Most Titled Teams

Mostbet: Until 1959 there was no unified Turkish national soccer championship, there were only regional championships. Therefore, and until about eighties the Turkish clubs in Europe were not very quoted. They were considered blatantly weak with few exceptions. But now the situation has changed: to come to visiting matches in the Turkish stadiums some clubs are frankly afraid. The support for their teams here is incredibly emotional. And the clubs have become recognizable, and well-known players play in them.

Istanbul Başakşehir


Istanbul Başakşehir, founded in 1990 by merging several amateur teams of medium level. The full name of the team at the time was quite intricate – “Istanbul Büyüksöhir Belediyespor”. Which roughly translates to “Sports Club of Istanbul City Hall. In 2007, the team broke into the Super League for the first time, which was marked by the construction of its own stadium, which previously did not exist.

After six average performing seasons, the team relegated to the First League of Turkish soccer. But returned a year later. In 2014, the team was renamed Istanbul Başakşehir. Because the club was taken over not by the city municipality, but by the separate district of Başakşehir.

It worked to the benefit – the team won the fourth place in the championship and for the first time won the right to play in the Europa League. And in 2020 Istanbul became the champion of the country for the first time in its history.

Mostbet: Trabzonspor

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The club was founded in the late sixties in the city of Trabzon and performed rather poorly. Until the team was led by former famous local player Ahmed Suat Yoziazici. In his first season he immediately led his team to Ligue 1 (then the strongest in the country). And then twice won the gold medals. Before that, by the way, only the Istanbul soccer teams had won the national championship. 

Since then, until the mid-eighties Trabzonspor won the title or the national championship every season. Once in a home match of the European Cup the team even defeated Liverpool 1-0. The fans cried with joy. True, in the return match the English were easily recouped 3-0 and then became owners of the Cup. But that victory the club still consider historic.

Interestingly, in 2005 Trabzonspor still won its first and so far the only international trophy – the Cup of Hours. Which is held in Switzerland in the off-season. This tournament is quite representative. At different times it was won by Cologne, Stuttgart and Shakhtar Donetsk.


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One of Istanbul’s hegemons in the national championship. This club conquered the national championship 20 times. The only club in the championship. Where only Turks traditionally perform. Has never been relegated from the strongest division of Turkish soccer.

Club fans are famous for their overwhelming support to their favorite team. In 2009, at a match against Manchester United the noise in the stadium exceeded 132 decibels. By comparison, a jet engine is only a little over 140 decibels, while a motorcycle is only 100. The players of the English team then admitted that they simply. Could not hear each other on the field, let alone the referee’s words.

The team has a well known ultras grouping among the fans. It is called “Charshi,” which translates to “Bazaar. It is there that the fans traditionally gather and discuss the state of the team. As well as political issues – a grouping specializing in this.

Their constant slogan is “We are against everyone except Ataturk!” It is known that Ataturk. Was the founder of the Turkish Republic and the first president of that state. The team carries the nickname “Black Eagles”. Because, according to the fans. Besiktas’ attacks can be compared with the flight of an eagle. The foreign European teams have sometimes felt it. But so far Besiktas has not advanced beyond the quarterfinals in European competition.


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Speaking of Ataturk (and in Turkey it is essential), we cannot but mention. That the first Turkish president was a fan of Fenerbahce. However, at that time there was no national championship, but there was. For example, the so-called Gazi Cup.

Once Kemal Ataturk was sitting democratically next to three Galatasaray fans and two Fenerbahce. Fans during a match against Galatasaray (who else?). And then he allegedly said: “There are an equal number of us fans of both teams here”. The club tells this episode to anyone who enters the apartments. Here for the first time with particular pride. “

Fenerbahce is proud to be the first Super League champion – a result no one else can repeat. In the sixties the team generally played hard. Winning five out of ten championships. To date, she won 28 national championships. Was in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, and in the season 2012/13 reached the semifinals of the Europa League. Here, the fate brought the Turks together with Benfica. In the first leg, Fenerbahce claimed a 1-0 win. But on the road it lost 1:3. And the final was so close…

Mostbet: Galatasaray

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The club won the national championship 22 times and 18 times took the Turkish Cup. The major achievement, however, was achieved in the 2099/00 season.  “Galatasaray sensationally won the UEFA Cup, beating Arsenal London on penalties. Moreover, during the whole tournament. The Istanbul club has not suffered a single defeat. True, it got there after finishing third in one of the Champions League groups. This achievement in the international arena is the highest in Turkish soccer.