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Mostbet – Is it possible to become a coach from scratch?


Mostbet say: we can. And there are plenty of such examples in world practice. Everyone knows the story of two-time winner of the Champions League. Multiple winners of various national championships and simply “special” Jose Mourinho, who in the mid-90s worked as an interpreter at Barcelona. And before that he coached in the children’s and youth teams of Portugal.

Former Zenit coach Andre Villas-Boas went to train as a coach at the age of 17. At 19 he received the necessary license to work as an assistant, at 32 he led an adult team for the first time, and at 33 with Porto he won the national championship and the Europa League.

There is a good example in Russia, too. Leonid Slutskiy at the age of 19 after a fall from a tree got a serious knee injury. Which did not allow to become a professional footballer, and began coaching children in the Volgograd club Olympia. As a result, the specialist brought up several players who even played for the Russian national team – Roman Adamov and Denis Kolodin.

At the age of 34 the coach was at the head of Moscow, then Krylya Sovetov. Everyone knows Leonid Viktorovich’s further path – several championships with CSKA. Work in Europe, and now the specialist is raising Rubin from the bottom.

Mostbet: what should be done?

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So, you have decided to become a coach in Russia from scratch. The first thing you need to do is to enroll in the lowest coaching license C in one of the regional training centers. This category gives you the right to work in youth soccer.

– These centers are located in the following cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Yaroslavl, Voronezh, Krasnodar and Volgograd. To apply for training at a regional training center. It is necessary to have a diploma of higher education, – says the website of the Russian Football Union (RFU). It doesn’t matter if you graduated from a specialized sports college or any other.

Training for the C license takes a few weeks. If you pass, you will need to work with. This coaching licence for at least a year to continue with further training.

There are a total of four categories – B, C, A and Pro. The last three are UEFA professional licenses. So you can study for them only at the RAF Coaching Academy. Training for each of the licenses takes about a year. At the same time with each licence you must work for at least a year.

The B category allows you to be an assistant in any club of all Russian competitions. With A category you can work as a head coach in the PFL third strongest league. And also as an assistant in Europe. With the highest category Pro you can head any club in Europe.

Of course, the training will not be free. Category C is the cheapest – 15 thousand rubles. Then the cost increases markedly. For the category B have to pay 80 thousand. For the category A – 300 thousand rubles, and for Pro already 400 thousand rubles.

But you should not expect to work at a top club as a head coach right away. You must first gain experience working with children. In the interview with Sport24 former midfielder of CSKA and Russian national team Rolan Gusev who is now coaching boys born in 2007 told about the peculiarities of working with young players. – It’s different when you work with kids or with the masters team, – says Gusev.

The main thing for us is to teach the kid all the soccer skills as good as possible. So when he joins the masters team. He shouldn’t be taught how to make a long pass or how to handle a ball. The player should be prepared for professional soccer. And the new coach should just fit him into the tactical schemes, where he will show his class in his position.