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Mostbet: F1 2021 Season

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Mostbet: The 2021 season lasted 259 days – from March 28 to December 12. For the sixth time in the history of Formula 1 racing was held in December, the second year in a row two stages were held in the calendar winter – the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The five previous instances of December stages – in 1959 in the United States, in 1962 and 1963 in South Africa, in 2019 in Abu Dhabi, in 2020 in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

Last season became a record for the number of stages held – 22. The total distance of all races was 1,297 laps or 6,409 kilometers.

In 2021 21 drivers went on start. At the Dutch Grand Prix and Italian Grand Prix, Robert Kubica replaced Kimi Raikkonen, who tested positive for Covid-19.

Nikita Mazepin missed the Abu Dhabi race because of Covid-19, he was not replaced, because positive result became known a few hours before the start.

Three of the drivers on the starting line failed to score points – Mick Schumacher, Robert Kubica and Nikita Mazepin.

Five drivers were at the wheel in Friday’s practice sessions. Robert Kubica, in addition to participation in races in Zandfort and Monza, sat behind the wheel of Alfa Romeo in training in Spain, Styria and Hungary.

At the wheel of Williams Roy Nissani worked Friday practices at the stages of Spain, France and Austria. Callum Aylott twice piloted the car Alfa Romeo – in Portugal and Austria.

Guanyu Zhou drove an Alpine in the first session of the Austrian Grand Prix, while Jack Aitken drove a Williams in Abu Dhabi.

All pilots have covered a total of 23,688 laps or 117,197 kilometers. For the season the drivers during the free laps, qualifying and races passed 59,121 laps or 296,086 kilometers.

Carlos Sainz became the record-setter in distance covered – for the season racer Ferrari drove 3,201 laps or 16,013 kilometers.

Robert Kubica drove the least distance among pilots, starting in races – 289 laps or 1,420 kilometers. Mick Schumacher had the shortest distance of all the races – 2,755 laps or 13,755 kilometers.

Hard season

Eleven drivers were leading the race – Max Verstappen (652 laps/2,988 kilometers), Lewis Hamilton (297 laps/1,582 kilometers), Valtteri Bottas (79 laps/396 kilometers), Esteban Ocon (66 laps/291 kilometers), Charles Lecler (60 laps/348 kilometers), Daniel Riccardo (48 laps/278 kilometers), Sergio Perez (46 laps/242 kilometers), Lando Norris (31 laps/181 kilometers), Carlos Sainz (12 laps/70 kilometers), Sebastian Vettel (4 laps/24 kilometers) and Fernando Alonso (2 laps/9 kilometers).

Max Verstappen had the most victories – 10. In addition to him, won Lewis Hamilton – 8 times, Sergio Perez – 1, Esteban Ocon – 1, Daniel Riccardo – 1 and Valtteri Bottas – 1.

F1 season

Formally the fastest victory belongs to Max Verstappen – in the final minutes of the Belgian Grand Prix 2021 only one completed lap, and that not full – 6880 meters of distance. This is the shortest race in the history of Formula 1, to overcome the distance Verstappen took 0:03.27.071.

Thirteen drivers have been on the podium in 2021: Max Verstappen 18 times, Lewis Hamilton 17, Valtteri Bottas 11, Sergio Perez 5, Lando Norris 4, Carlos Sainz 4, Sebastian Vettel 1, Pierre Gasly 1, Charles Lecler 1, Esteban Ocon 1, George Russell 1, Daniel Riccardo 1 and Fernando Alonso 1.

Five drivers won the pole: Max Verstappen – 10 times, Lewis Hamilton – 5, Valtteri Bottas – 4, Charles Leclaire – 2, Lando Norris – 1.

Seven drivers had the best lap times: Lewis Hamilton – 6 times, Max Verstappen – 6, Valtteri Bottas – 4, Sergio Perez – 2, Pierre Gasly – 1, Daniel Riccardo – 1, Lando Norris – 1.

In 2021, teams had 653 pit stops. The Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix had the most, with 56, and the Monaco Grand Prix had the least, excluding the Belgian Grand Prix where there were no full pit stops, with 19.

In 2021 five drivers did not receive penalty points – Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclaire, Daniel Riccardo, Mick Schumacher and Robert Kubica. Yuki Tsunoda earned the most penalty points by the end of the season – 8.


Max Verstappen became the first ever world champion from the Netherlands.

Verstappen won ten races in 2021, the best result of his career. Max is now on a par with Mika Hakkinen in terms of career wins (20).

The Red Bull Racing team won the title in the individual classification for the fifth time in its history. For the first time since 2008, the individual title and the constructors’ cup were won by different teams.

In 2021, Lewis Hamilton has brought the number of his victories and pole to 103. Of the current drivers the closest to Hamilton is Sebastian Vettel (53 wins and 57 pole).

Hamilton continues his record of 182 podiums, ahead of Michael Schumacher (155) and Sebastian Vettel (122).

At the Hungarian Grand Prix Esteban Ocon scored his first victory in Formula 1.

At the Italian Grand Prix, Daniel Riccardo brought McLaren its first win since Brazil ’12 – 8 years 9 months and 18 days have passed since then. Lando Norris’ second place at Monza allowed McLaren to become the only team to win a victory double in 2021. For the British team, the double was the first since Canada’10 – 220 Grand Prix and 11 years 2 months and 30 days have passed since then.

Fernando Alonso finished third in Qatar, earning his first podium for the Alpine team and 98th of his career. The last time the Spaniard made the podium was seven years, three months and 25 days ago, in Hungary’14, driving for Ferrari. This is the second longest pause between two podiums for the same driver. Alex Wurz’s first was 7 years 9 months and 11 days between the podiums in Britain ’97 and San Marino ’05.

Lewis Hamilton became vice world champion for the third time in his career. In addition to 2021, the Briton was second in 2007 and in 2016.

Lewis Hamilton beat Michael Schumacher by the number of laps in the lead, becoming the all-time record holder.