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Mostbet: “I remember everything but the minutes in heaven.” How Eriksen was able to return to soccer

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Mostbet: Seven months ago, he suffered a cardiac arrest on the field and was thinking about ending his career. And now he’ll play in the APL.

Midfielder Christian Eriksen is returning to great soccer. Last summer, the player suffered a cardiac arrest in the Euro 2020 match, and now he has signed a contract with Brentford. The terms of the deal – the contract until the end of the season with the option to extend for another year.

Eriksen fainted in the first match of the Danish national team at Euro 2020 with Finland (0:1). Medics assisted the player on the field and then the athlete was taken to hospital. Later it turned out that Christian suffered clinical death.

Eriksen was installed defibrillator, which was the reason for termination of his contract with Inter. In Italy it is forbidden for the players to play with a pacemaker, so the sides stopped cooperating. So in December 2021 Eriksen became a free agent and had the opportunity to negotiate with other clubs.

What did Eriksen do after the tragedy at the Euros

A few months after the unfortunate incident, Christian told the Danish television channel DR1 about its details.

Christian Eriksen

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Danish midfielder

  • I kicked the ball and then I got a small cramp in my calf muscle and I lost consciousness. When I woke up, the first thing I thought I did was hurt my back. “Could I move my toes?” – Those were my first thoughts. Then I distantly heard the voices of doctors. I remember everything but the minutes when I was in heaven. I remember the fans chanting my name as they carried me to the ambulance. Only in the car did I realize that I had been dead for a few minutes. I realized this because of the conversation of the medics accompanying me.

The midfielder admitted that in the ambulance he seriously thought about ending his career: “There I said to myself: ‘Put your boots on the nail, I will not play anymore. Then I said the same to my fiancée: “No way I will not play anymore”.

At the Euros I only watched the matches involving the Danish national team. I am happy that the team reached the semifinals, but I really wanted to be a part of it. The main thing is that after the unpleasant episode, I could walk and run.



Explained why he thought about resuming his career after all. According to the player, his family supported his decision.

– I’m forever in love with soccer. My family supported my desire to continue my career. If my fiancée said: “I don’t want you to play again,” that would have been a different situation. Sabrina didn’t mind me going to the gym or the practice field. She believed that if I left, I would definitely come back later.


Eriksen returned to his homeland and started training with the club Odense. That’s where he played when he was still a youth. Later the Dane moved to Switzerland and trained with the club Chiasso, speaking in the third division of local soccer. There the athlete was gaining form as he intended to continue his career.

– My goal is to play in the World Cup in Qatar,” Eriksen told DR. – I want to prove that I can play for the national team again. The coach has to assess my level, but my heart won’t get in the way.

In January 2020 Christian was present at the training session of the youth team of Ajax. Rumors sent the Dane to the Dutch club, for which he played from 2009 to 2013, but the agent claimed that Eriksen intends to return to the APL.

– Christian is doing great. He had a medical before Christmas, the results are very happy. We expect that he will start training in the general group in January, – said a couple of weeks ago, the player’s representative Martin Schoots.

A week ago Christian posted on social networks a short video. On it he is practicing long range shots. You should also appreciate this juicy shot to the nine.

Mostbet: Why did the player choose Brentford?

Some experts were a bit surprised by the choice of Christian, because he had several offers. For example, Antonio Conte, the head coach of Tottenham, did not rule out the possibility that the player will return to the London club. However, for sure the midfielder would feel quite comfortable at his new club. At Brentford Eriksen will meet a lot of familiar people.

The club’s head coach Thomas Frank worked with Christian in the youth team of Denmark. In addition, there are several of Eriksen’s compatriots in the team: goalkeeper Jonas Ljossl, defender Mads Rasmussen, midfielders Christian Nørgård, Mathias Jensen and Mads Bidstrup. Not a bad lineup for Christian. Although the player’s physical condition remains a mystery to many.

“It’s hard to imagine watching Christian play”

The player’s return is causing some apprehension in the soccer community. Former Bolton player Fabrice Muamba is very worried about Eriksen. In 2012, the Englishman suffered a cardiac arrest (it did not beat for 78 minutes) right on the field, resulting in the end of his career. Muamba made this decision at the insistence of doctors, and at that time he was only 24 years old.

– I’m sure you can see why I’m worried about Eriksen’s possible return to the AFL,” Muamba told The Times. – As a survivor of cardiac arrest, it’s hard for me to imagine following Christian’s performances. Blind’s example proves that you can play at the highest level with a pacemaker. But it’s not about the physical condition, it’s about the psychological aspect. Imagine how the player’s family will feel, it will be the hardest. Before receiving a work permit in England Eriksen passed an in-depth examination by a cardiologist. The doctor, in turn, sent a report to the English Football Association. A month before that Christian underwent a variety of tests by another doctor. The Dane is closely monitoring his health, and, apparently, so far he has no reason to worry.