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14 interesting facts about soccer from Mostbet login

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Soccer with mostbet login is rightly ranked. As the world’s most popular collective sport. Soccer matches gather thousands of fans. In stadiums and millions more in front of TV screens. This game is distinguished not only by the importance. Of physical fitness of the participants. But also by the need to think carefully about the strategy of matches.

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  1. Yellow and red cards. Appeared in soccer referees only in the late 1960s – the head. Of the refereeing corps was thinking. About how to smooth the language. Barrier between referees and players. When he came across a traffic light. So soccer referees stopped taking notes in their. Notebooks and started showing players cards. That are understandable in every country in the world.
  2. In 2003, in the semifinals of the Champions League, Inter and AC Milan. Whose home arena is the same stadium, met. It was decided that AC Milan would. Conditionally host the first encounter. While Inter would host the second. The matches ended 0-0 and 1-1. But in the end AC Milan qualified for the final after scoring more goals.
  3. Intel placed its advertising on the inside. Of the jerseys of the Barcelona players-the spectators. Had to see the slogan Intel Inside. When a jubilant player rips off his jersey.
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo is a double name. Not a first and last name. Rare for Portugal, the future great footballer got his name Ronaldo. Because of his father’s love for U.S. President Ronald Reagan.
  5. Soccer player. Hisham Zerouali played for a year under number zero. The thing is that soccer fans. Nicknamed the player “Zero” (“zero”). Reducing his last name. And the owners of the club decided. To play along with them.
  6. The soccer field becomes striped not because. Of the fact that it is sown with grass of different varieties. But as a result of the work of lawnmowers. They not only cut the shoots. But also bend it in different directions. Creating the illusion of stripes. This coloring of the field is not only pleasing to the eye. But also helps referees in tracking offsides.
  7. The soccer team of Eritrea. One of the poorest countries in the world, is renewed. After every international competition. The fact is that its players are on the run as a full squad whenever. They cross a foreign border – once they. Were accompanied by a team doctor (see interesting facts about Eritrea).
  8. A Colombian defender was brutally. Murdered after he scored an own goal in a World Cup match. The killer accompanied. each of the many shots with a shout of “Goal!”
  9. On the eve of the Brazilian Cup final. A local newspaper published on the front. Page a large announcement of the upcoming match. All other materials of the issue consisted of the words bla bla. Because who needs other news when there is soccer (see interesting facts about Brazil).
  10. The Norwegian national soccer team is the only team in the world. That has never lost to the Brazilians. Teams of the two powers met on the field 4 times. With the Norwegians winning twice. And in the remaining two cases reduced the score to a draw.
  11. The winner of the first ever European Championship was the USSR national soccer team.
  12. 12. For the sake of cooperation with sponsors from the UAE. Soccer clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona agreed to. Remove the crosses insulting to Muslims from their logos. Changed logos were used for all promotional materials sold in the Emirates.
  13. One of the soccer clubs in Madagascar. Hurt by a refereeing error, scored 149 goals in their next match in protest. This was the encounter with the largest score. Since the advent of soccer (see interesting facts about Madagascar).
  14. During one of the matches in Congo, lightning struck the field. All the visiting players were killed on the spot. Three dozen fans were injured, but all the home players were unharmed.