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Mostbet login: “It all started because of Ronaldo.”

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Mostbet login: Alex Ferguson’s former assistant was called in to rectify the situation.

“Manchester United has entered 2022 with serious problems: sluggish soccer and a toxic locker room. Recent quarantine and a tight December schedule have compounded the situation – the team simply could not train. Before the match against Burnley, Ralf Rangnick complained to reporters about this: “Any coach needs training to develop players. I don’t have any.

On social media, fans began to actively criticize the new coach after the first defeat – on January 3, “Metalist” at home to “Wolverhampton” 0-1.It is noteworthy that the German was appointed on 29 November. The theses are as follows:

  • Rangnick does not have enough experience to lead a star team;
  • His style is difficult to implement in the middle of the season in a team with Cristiano Ronaldo;
  • the Russian-speaking community is chiming in about the German’s controversial job at Lokomotiv.

Sky Sports expert Paul Merson partially agrees: “Everyone has told me that Rangnick is the one, but he’s never worked with players at that level. It’s normal when you come to a club from the bottom and say, ‘I’ll do this.’ The players will want to achieve that and will listen to you. But those players are already at that level. Now they need someone special.”

MU crisis

In parallel, a movement in support of Rangnick is developing. The position of his supporters is not as massive, backed by facts:

  • Ralf has built two soccer clubs from scratch and nurtured several top specialists at once (Tuchel, Klopp, Nagelsmann and others);
  • MJ players constantly complain about the coaches – this has been the case with everyone since Alex Ferguson.

The exception is Sulzer, but it was his assistant Kieran McKenna.

Patrice Evra supported the coaching staff and shifted the vector to the players: “Why is everyone talking about the coach? Let’s talk about the players at Manchester United. How lucky you are to play for this club! So show it to us. Stop talking about what’s happening to the club. Footballers, we ask you to play properly. This is United.

You can understand Rangnick’s supporters: after a month to draw conclusions about the coach’s skills is a utopian idea. Klopp has spent more than two years to get the right squad at Liverpool. Jurgen only left Origi, Firmino, Henderson and Milner. You can’t expect United to be organized and crisp in pressing after a month.

Dressing room split, stars don’t trust Rangnick

About the internal problems after the match against Wolverhampton, Luke Shaw said openly: “We were not on the same page. We have to give it 100%. We’ve got some unbelievable quality players but sometimes that’s not enough. We need to be more intense, more aggressive, we need more motivation.”

Journalists immediately jumped on the wave of the bombshell infomercial. Below are key insights into the problems within United.

  • Journalist Neil Castis on TalkSPORT: “Ralph Rangnick’s boring training sessions didn’t sit well with the players – some of them lost their passion for the game. They immediately told the club management that appointing the German was a mistake. Instead of Ralf, the team expected Antonio Conte.”
  • According to ESPN, the players were not impressed with Rangnick’s experience either. Some even had to search the Internet for information about him and his assistants. Plus, several players were unpleasantly surprised by the German’s coaching staff – he brought in specialists whose experience is limited to the MLS.
  • Ronaldo also has his hands full. According to the Daily Express tabloid, Harry Maguire, Mason Greenwood and Edinson Cavani are unhappy that Cristiano cannot be seated on the bench.

Mostbet login: APL thinking

  • Donnie van de Beek, Dean Henderson and Eric Bayeux are unhappy with the amount of playing practice, so they are considering leaving as early as January.
  • The top insider gave The Telegraph: 11 players at once are leaning toward leaving. There is low morale in the locker room, and there is also a sense that the team is stomping around waiting for another rebuild.
  • According to the Daily Mail, the MJ players have broken into several small groups: “It all started because of Ronaldo – with the arrival of Cristiano, Portuguese-speaking players began to distance themselves from the rest of the team. This group, according to journalists, includes Ronaldo, Fernandes, Dalo, Fred and Telles.” The Mirror confirms this insider: “The atmosphere is really terrible. It looks like United are in huge trouble.”
  • The same Mirror talks about Ronaldo’s huge influence on the club. Firstly, Cristiano has issued an ultimatum to the management: “Ronaldo will leave the club if the next coach does not like him,” state the journalists. Secondly, Ronaldo wants to influence transfers. The striker plans to drag compatriot Ruben Neves to Old Trafford from Wolverhampton.
  • Phil Brown of talkSPORT adds: “The information is being leaked by the players themselves. Rangnick told off some of the stars in front of the whole team, which hurt their ego.

Mostbet login: Who will clean up the situation with the broken locker room?

According to The Telegraph, Mike Phelan was called in to fix the situation – the management believes he is the ideal candidate. The other day Phelan spent two hours discussing with Rangnick what to do next.

Phelan knows this squad very well because he was Sulsher’s assistant. Mike Phelan has close ties to the club: he has been at Old Trafford since 1989, when he signed as a player, then worked in the structure of Moyes and eventually became Alex Ferguson’s right-hand man.

It was Phelan who mentally reset Manchester United’s players after Jose Mourinho’s dismissal in December 2018: “There can be different groups in the team, for example, according to language. It takes long and hard work to bring them together as a unit. Sometimes we play games where one country plays with another, depending on the number of players, it allows for different challenges,” he said.