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Mostbet login: Khabib was not included in the list of the greatest. And Dana White is right.

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Mostbet login: Nurmagomedov has had an amazing career, but he falls short of the achievements of legends.

On January 19, UFC president Dana White once again had to answer one of the hottest questions: “Who is the greatest fighter in MMA history?” The head of the league has been asked that question more than once. This time, Dana named three fighters – former featherweight champion Jon Jones, former middleweight champion and MMA legend Anderson Silva and former two-division champion Georges St. Pierre.

White added, however, that current welterweight champion Kamaru Usman is also approaching this trio. At the same time Dana did not mention Khabib Nurmagomedov in any way and that caused indignation to the Russian’s multi-million dollar army of fans.

On the one hand, fans are understandable. Khabib left the sport with an impeccable professional record of 29-0. He finished his career at the peak, as champion and at the same time effectively sweeping the division clean. Still, it’s not enough to stand on par with the fighters White mentioned, and now it’s time to explain why.

Mostbet login: What has Khabib accomplished?

As stated above, Nurmagomedov left the sport at its peak. In the last years of his career, he beat the best fighters in the division. First, he declassified Conor McGregor, and then he handled Dustin Porter and Justin Gaggi, who at the time of those fights owned the interim league title. In addition, over the years, Khabib has defeated Rafael dos Anjos, who also once held the league title.

What do we have in the end? Khabib has 13 wins in the UFC, four wins over current or former champions and four title fights under his belt. Of course, we must mention the impeccable record throughout his career – 29-0. No one of those mentioned by Dana White can boast a zero in the loss column, but still, that’s probably the only clear advantage Khabib has over Jones, St-Pierre and Silva.

All in all, Eagle has a lot to brag about. In addition, we shouldn’t forget that at his peak he took apart top opponents, literally crushing them in 2-3 rounds. That’s worth a lot of money. But Eagle also had some disadvantages, which we’ll talk about below.

What have Silva, Jones and St. Pierre accomplished?

If we take the career path of this trio, even looking at their performances exclusively in the UFC, it’s clear that Khabib loses to each of them in terms of accomplishments.

For example, Anderson Silva had 10 successful title defenses. At the same time he took part in 13 title fights. The last time he fought for the belt he was 38 years old! He fought in the league as a whole until the age of 45. Of course, the end of his career was blurred by some defeats, but in some fights, against Israel Adesanya for example, Pauk looked very good. And overall, all of Silva’s accomplishments are so great that even losses in his 40s don’t affect his tremendous legacy in any way. Again, just for comparison, Khabib has 13 fights in the UFC, Silva has 13 title fights under his belt in the league.

Jon Jones? Yes, the American is scandalous, but does that affect his skills and his legacy? Sure, some will say that the doping story is indicative, and that after a long suspension and more detailed testing, Jones’ effectiveness has dropped, but that’s still more speculation.

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Bony has beaten six current, future or former league champions, inflicted his first career defeat on Daniel Cormier, won the title twice and had a total of 12 title defenses, isn’t that enough, even in the face of scandals? It seems like an amazing accomplishment. Let’s not forget that Jones is about to make his heavyweight debut as well. By the way, the same Anderson Silva was also changing divisions.

Georges St. Pierre. The greatness of the Canadian cannot be questioned. One of the very few two-division champions. And he won the middleweight belt in his first fight after a long break in his career. The Canadian took part in 14 title fights and won 13 of them. Let us remind you that Khabib fought only 13 times under the Dana White banner. How’s that for a comparison?

And some more things about Khabib’s career disadvantages

And then some more on the downsides of Nurmagomedov’s career. Of course, the 29-0 statistics is striking, but you have to understand that before moving to the UFC, the level of Eagle’s opponents was far from always top-notch. Besides, let’s not forget that many still reproach Nurmagomedov for not the most spectacular style of fighting, which can’t be said about Silva.

Under what conditions would the Russian be able to compete with Jones, Silva and St-Pierre in terms of legacy? If Khabib had at least 3-4 more title defenses he would have a chance to surpass them. And, of course, he should have tried his hand at welterweight. After all, success in two divisions is one of the most important points to make history.

Especially given the way Nurmagomedov has dominated the octagon, let’s hazard a guess that he would be a worthy competitor to Colby Covington, Kamar Usman and Leon Edwards. It seems to me that he could have beaten every one of them. In summary, it remains to say that Khabib had the potential to be the greatest, but circumstances forced him to end his career early. So don’t be angry at Dana White’s words, the UFC boss is right, Nurmagomedov is just a little bit short of the greatest.