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Mostbet login: “Man City” miraculously won the first match of the year.

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Mostbet login: Cancelou after the robbery was not like himself.

New Year’s Eve has been played in England for a long time, but this time the soccer year started with a real top match. “Manchester City” in the status of the leader of the championship came to Arsenal, which in December for the first time in a long time climbed into the zone of the Champions League. The game was classy and not without controversial decisions.

Man City have unexpected problems with their full-backs

After Liverpool’s defeat at Leicester, Man City’s league title seemed a matter of time. Much of this was due to the depth of the squad: Riyad Marez, after four consecutive games in which he scored, watched from the bench against Brentford.

Nevertheless, already in the first game of the new year, Josep Guardiola was faced with the need to put the nominal central defender Nathan Ake on the left flank of defense. Aleksandr Zinchenko is ill with coronavirus, and Benjamin Mendy is on trial for rape – and the coach put Ake in the basis.

Problems were also found on the opposite flank. Joao Cancelo was mugged on New Year’s Eve and even got punched in the face. He still got into the starting lineup, but the incident affected his game. Joao was unaccustomedly passive and lost the fight.

Tierney passed on the first goal from his flank and without any pressure, and after that the Portuguese blatantly lost the fight in another episode, which could have led to another missed goal. Luckily for him, Gabriel Martinelli didn’t hit the far corner.

Arsenal had kovid hit the coach, but Mikel Arteta was in touch with his assistant Albert Stavenberg the entire match.

“Arsenal” outplayed “Man City” before the suspension

Maybe it was the problems on the flanks, but City spent the first hour of the game completely unchampion-like. The team controlled the ball, but got less out of that control than Arsenal did from counterattacks. Aaron Ramsdale with long passes aggravated the game, and in the defensive actions involved the whole team, including the strikers.

Martinelli had his first chance when the score was 0-0, and Ederson had to play on the verge of a foul, saving a shot from a sharp angle. In the time the teams played in equal parts, Arsenal won on shots in general (7-5), on shots on goal (2-1), and on rebounds (13-11) with interceptions (7-2). Man City’s main chance was a Ruben Dias header, but it was also due to a mistake by Ramsdale on the exit rather than his own creative actions. Kevin de Bruyne could also have scored but he failed to curl the ball into the far top corner.

The match came out in such a way that after it the most will be discussed by the referee. Stuart Atwell had to make some borderline decisions, and they were all in City’s favor. There was a separate story about the penalty, but Gabriel’s suspension had an even bigger impact on the game.

His namesake Jesus collapsed on the counterattack after minimal contact – and he clearly wanted to go down himself more than he was motivated to do so by his opponent. It’s hard to argue with the fact of the offense, but the question is whether that foul deserved a second yellow.

Mostbet login: Even in the majority “Man City” won not on class

It’s ironic that right after the suspension, City could have conceded. Emeric Laporte threw the ball so far back that it was a miracle he didn’t send it into his own net. Ake, of course, was excellent in clearing the ball (a kind of sequel to the game with Liverpool three years ago, when it was also a miracle not to cross the line – and it was also the first match of the year), but on the rebound was Martinelli, who again failed to score. Yes, in the game with a top opponent, the Brazilian showed that comparisons with Thierry Henry are very premature.

Still, the suspension broke Arsenal’s game. Stavenberg first removed Martin Edegor from the game and released central defender Rob Holding instead, then was forced to replace Alexandre Lacazette and Bucayo Saku. “City controlled the ball more confidently with each minute and eventually got their way.

Rodri made a good connection in the penalty area: early last year, Ilkay Gundogan brought in a lot of points with such jerks. “Man City won their 10th consecutive AFL game against Arsenal, but in none of those have they had such difficulty.

It’s a shame we won’t get to listen to Arteta after the match: he spent two years preparing the team for Arsenal to face his teacher’s team like that. In addition, the hosts’ coach just deserved to come to the press conference with his head held high – despite the final score.