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Mostbet login – The future of soccer, what will it be?

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Mostbet login recently, the pages of the foreign press have been flooded with materials about the so-called proposed “technical innovations”. Which, according to the intention of their creators, should improve our beloved soccer, banish unpredictability and romance from it.

The authors of these technological proposals motivate their proposals by the need to prevent mistakes that distort the outcome of soccer competitions. As proof of this, they point to the result of the final match. Of the 8th World Cup in England in 1966 between. England and the Federal Republic of Germany.

To clarify, here is a brief summary of this, unsuccessfully ended for the German players match. Which took place July 30, 1966 in London. By the 90th minute of regular time the score. Thanks to the selfless play of the German team, the score was 2-2.

The German team was first to score against England in that game on 12 minutes / ball scored Haller / English footballers during the match. In response to this goal, scored two goals to the German team: they scored their attackers. Hurst in the 18th minute and Peters in the 78th minute. German footballers, who rushed to attack, only in the last – 90 minutes of regular time. Were able to equalize the score / the goal was scored by Weber.

In extra time, 100 minutes into the match. Englishman Hurst scored a questionable goal to the German team. And while the Germans were proving that there was no goal. While they were recovering, the same Hurst. In the last 120 minutes of the match, scored another goal to the German team. So ended this dramatic outcome of the match, after which the British. For the first and so far the last time in the history of World Cups, became the winners.

And, can we forget how the legendary Argentine Maradona. Playing with his hand, scored a ball into the goal of England. In the match at the XIII World Cup in Mexico in 1986, between the teams of this country and Argentina, and the judge who saw the violation, scored the ball.

One can give many examples of both unintentional and gross mistakes of soccer referees. But let’s not be deceitful. Saying only that the referee’s mistake and the English did not deserve to win that World Cup. No, they were, at the time, still really the strongest team in the world.

After these cases, I would like to believe that such stories will never happen again, as against these soccer accidents, modern technology begins to play. There are increasingly loud voices about the need to use electronic means to determine goal scoring in controversial cases. At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. For example, there were a number of scandals when goals scored by the rules were not counted.

But again, in the match between England and Germany. A clear goal by English midfielder Frank Lampard against the German team was not counted. And then even the obvious opponent of the use of electronics – FIFA President Joseph Blatter said: “This is inevitable.

It’s unacceptable not to score a goal if the ball is a good 70cm across the line”. In July 2012 FIFA will consider whether to use electronic means to determine goal scoring in controversial cases.

Here are a few more high-tech – chips that may appear in modern soccer and “soccer of the future” and the main one is a small, very smart chip. This tiny chip can be mounted almost anywhere. It can analyze the situation as well as receive and transmit radio signals.

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So soccer bosses at the instigation of “technicians” had an idea to embed it not only into a soccer player’s shields but even into…a soccer! This pedantic microcircuit, which doesn’t interfere with soccer players. Will analyze information about the position of the ball and the soccer player on the pitch during the match.

The chip will be able to send signals to the coaches’ and referees’ computers at a rate of almost 2,000 times per second. Thus, the referees and coaches looking at the screens of monitors will be able to instantly determine whether the ball was scored. According to the rules, whether the player is not in offside and did not use illegal techniques against his opponent.

Creators of technical innovations, for example, from the company “Sells”. Proposed to make a super ammunition for goalkeepers: gloves and brushes made of special polymer d30.

This polymer in a relaxed state is soft and elastic, like an ordinary fabric. But under sharp impact, it instantly hardens and remains so until the pressure on it from the outside is over. But when such a stressful situation, for example, contact with a ball, ends, the novelty – polymer d30. Returns to its original position and becomes “soft and fluffy”.

In conditions of a real soccer match, gloves and shields made of this polymer provide almost 100% safety of the goalkeeper’s feet and palms. But the English club Manchester United is dreaming to go the furthest in introducing technical innovations in soccer. They hope to equip not only T-shirts and soccer balls with microchips, but also…to put them under the skin of players!

So far, only dog owners tag their pets in this way so that they can use the microchip to locate their four-legged friends.

The results obtained by coaches during the players’ training. They hope to compare with the results of the matches afterwards. In order to be able to punish negligent athletes afterwards. That’s the kind of innovation we can expect in the future. And there are justified doubts: won’t soccer lose its mystique, its unpredictability, its romance. Soccer is becoming more mobile and tougher every year. All of this together requires referees to make correct and fair decisions, with little time to make such decisions.

Throughout the existence of modern soccer. A variety of measures have been proposed to assist them in officiating. Especially in moments of acute episodes during a match. Proposals have already been tried to introduce two head referees, i.e. A total of four referees – two on the field and two on the sidelines.

But a particular controversy arose around the proposal for the need for referees to use video recording in controversial moments. The FIFA president Joao Havelange. Who was at the helm of world soccer from 1974 to 1988, stated bluntly. “The moment a referee starts using video recording equipment, His Majesty Football will die.

One can only imagine what a soccer game and the mood of the fans would be like if the referee. In every controversial situation during the game. Ran to the edge of the field and looked at the video recordings of those moments! But. As we discussed above, the leaders of modern world soccer are increasingly inclined to use electronic goal-taking in controversial cases.

New electronic systems which are being proposed for use in soccer are based on the successful HawkEye system in tennis which detects if the ball is hit or not. There is also a variant of embedding the sensors into the ball. And the goal frame which determine the position of the ball relative to the goal line.

However, the creators of innovations have not forgotten. About the “heated” soccer fans: the new technology will tame the hectic fans. To make the fans “shut up”, if you’ll pardon the word. The scientists suggest bringing their roar into a scanned light echo. It can so confuse the crowd of screaming fans. That they lose the ability to shout in unison and fall silent. Above we talked about possible changes in soccer based on technical innovations. But innovations continue on the organizational side as well.