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Mostbet login: The most beautiful goal in the history of soccer.

Mostbet login: Soccer is an art and with all the commercialization many great masters of soccer make the game of millions a real theater. Where fans come to see the real spectacle. In this article we will tell you about all the most beautiful things related. To soccer directly or indirectly: soccer players’ goals, or rather we will determine the most beautiful goal in the history of soccer. As well as tell you about the beauty of the soccer players themselves and the beautiful wives of athletes. A kind of top of the most beautiful and elegant.

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Mostbet login: The most beautiful goals in soccer

Let’s start, of course, with the top five goals. After all, they are what the fans come to the stadium for. In this top 5 you can rank the goals according to your taste and color. Because they are diverse and everyone has his own soccer idol. Which someone would place higher than another player.

However, Ronaldinho’s mini-football goal against Chelsea in a Champions League match opens the top five. That was in the 2004/05 season. When Chelsea became champions in the first year of Jose Mourinho’s arrival. Ronaldinho gave a “poke” as he had no space to swing and kick with his lift or even with his cheek. The shot landed in the corner and clearly surprised the Chelsea goalkeeper. And the difficulty was that Ronaldinho had no space. There were three defenders in front of him. And one Chelsea player was already “eating” the Brazilian. That was a beautiful goal scored by Ronaldinho, who has not yet wasted his talent in the game exactly 10 years ago.

The second goal in our top – a wonderful goal by Roberto Carlos from the penalty box to the French team in 1997. When on an unknown trajectory Roberto Carlos scored with a twisting blow to Barthez. However, the French have already. After a goal to avenge the Brazilians in the final of the World Cup 1998. Goal by Roberto Carlos may be recognized as the best of all goals. From free kicks and one of the best in general in world soccer.

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The third goal belongs to the author of the team “Leeds United” Tony Yeboah. Who performed a fantastic goal in one of his first games for the “white” against Liverpool. Tony’s goal gave the Peacocks a 1-0 victory. In general, Tony did not score a lot, but did it extremely effectively! Yeboane had a similar shot on the year back in the match against Wimbledon, but that’s another story. Yeboah is the third on our list.

Silver went to Zinedine Zidane. His goal to Bayer in the final of the Champions League can only be repeated in the game simulator of the noughties. Where almost all shots go to the “nine”. The great Frenchman Zizou was able to put the ball under Bayer’s crossbar off the feed of his teammate Roberto Carlos. “Real” then defeated the Germans 3-0, and Zidane proved that he is one of the best players. In the world and not for nothing is the champion of the world and Europe.

The first goal belongs to the scandalous Argentine Diego Maradona. The goal against England at the World Cup in Mexico in 1986. The goal was not by hand but by a great pass through the half of the field. In total, Maradona “screwed” six Englishmen. Including Peter Shilton – the goalkeeper of the England team. Then Maradona didn’t just score a goal. He avenged the entire English nation for the Falklands War. Argentina would eventually win the World Cup, and the English would come back empty-handed.

The most beautiful goal in the history of FIFA World Cups is named

Mexican midfielder Manuel Negrete’s goal against Bulgaria at the 1986 FIFA World Cup was announced by fans. As the most beautiful goal in the history of world championships FIFA World Cup / Facebook

Mexican midfielder Manuel Negrete’s goal against Bulgaria at the 1986 World Cup was declared by fans the most beautiful in the history of world championships. According to the press service of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA). The fans voted on the FIFA World Cup Facebook page from March 31 to April 9.