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Mostbet login: And he didn’t miss from the spot either.

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In soccer, there are stories that are perfect for movies. This story took place in a Turkish Cup match between Hatayspur and Eyüpspor, which included the removal of two goalkeepers from the same team, extra time, a penalty shootout and the victory of the club left with nine men. Moreover, during the course of the match, Hatayspur’s forward had to stand in goal twice, including the penalty shootout.

The two Turkish clubs play in different divisions but met in the 1/32 finals of the National Cup. “Hatay Spurs, one of the Super League leaders, hosted Ayupspor, the first-league club fighting for promotion to Turkey’s top division. The game didn’t go well for the hosts, with Enes Keskin scoring a quick goal for the visitors. Hatayspor’s head coach made four substitutions by the 62nd minute, none of which worked.

Mostbet login: Unusual plot of the Turkish Cup match

An accurate shot by the hosts’ defender Kurucuk on 74 minutes sent the teams into extra time. “Hatayspore” was lucky, because for them everything could have ended much earlier – on the fourth minute added to the second half, their goalkeeper received a direct red card for demolishing an opponent outside the penalty area. All substitutions were made and captain and striker Mame Diouf stood in goal. The ball hit the wall after a free kick and the referee sent the teams into overtime.

In extra time, the coaches had the right to make one more substitution and Khatayspor had a substitute goalkeeper. But he was sent off in the 121st minute for a last-minute foul – he couldn’t make an accurate pass and paid for it. Mame Diouf was again put in goal and had to pull the team through in the penalty shootout.

The striker, wearing goalkeeper’s gloves, was the first to approach the spot, scored and went to kick the penalty. He only once guessed the direction of the ball, which he failed to hit. “Ayupspor helped him on by blocking the first shot (missed) and the sixth (bar). As a result, it was 1-1 in extra time and 5-4 in the penalty shootout.

Thus, Hatayspor made it to the Turkish Cup 1/16 finals, winning without two suspended goalkeepers and with a striker in goal in the penalty shootout. By the way, Diouf was once interested in Dynamo Kyiv. But he decided to move from Hanover to Stoke City.