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Mostbet: 157.5 kph from Beckham. The 10 most powerful kicks in soccer

Mostbet says: Many players know how to hit the ball properly. Here are the top 10 most powerful shots that have been officially recorded.


10. Obafemi Martins.

The Nigerian striker is remembered by many for his somersaults. He’s a true master of performing acrobatic numbers after scoring goals. But Martins also stands out for his rather powerful shot. In 2006 Newcastle acquired Obafemi from Inter for the impressive sum of 15 million euros.

They expected a lot from the newcomer, but he could not fully justify the expectations of the fans. Nevertheless, Martins scored at least one memorable goal for the forty. The ball after his shot flew into the gates of Tottenham at a speed of 135 km / hr. Not bad!

9. Tugay Kerimoglu.

The former Turkish national team midfielder scored just 12 goals in his eight years with Blackburn. His superb strike against Southampton in 2001 sealed Tugay’s career. And will be remembered for his contribution. The Turk gave a hearty kick to his opponents at the Saints’ goal. After which the ball hit 135.5 km per hour. That was enough to make it into the top 10 most efficient shots. Now Tugai works as a coach at home and teaches his team to hit the target with powerful and accurate shots.

8. Roberto Carlos

The Real Madrid and Brazilian national team legend is deservedly considered one of the best penalty shooters in soccer history. In 1997, Roberto Carlos has hit the gate of the French national team with a crazy blow. The episode became one of the most spectacular in the career of the attacking defender. The intricately twisted ball flew along a peculiar trajectory. Turning goalkeeper Fabien Barthez into a mere spectator. In doing so, the ball picked up a speed of 137.1 km/h. Now Roberto Carlos. Who played for some time in the Russian Premier League, is passionate about coaching.

7. Alan Shearer

Shearer is a great former striker, a star of English soccer. In the 18-year career of this bright player were “Southampton”, “Blackburn” and “Newcastle”. Alan always “carried with him” the key to the opponent’s goal. He scored a lot of goals. And the goal against Leicester from the penalty box in 1997 went down in history. Due to the crazy strength of Shearer`s kick – the ball was launched at a speed of 138 km / hr. In that match the Englishman made a hat-trick, bringing “Newcastle” victory over “Foxes” with a score of 4:3. Against this Shearer could not resist anyone!

6. Matthew Le Tissier

Le Tissier is a Southampton legend, in 16 seasons the attacking midfielder played 456 games for this team and scored 161 goals in the English Championship. He was among the most gifted players to ever play in the Premier League. Those who watched his actions were truly delighted. In 1997 Le Tissier scored a superb goal against Newcastle United, hitting the ball at 139.6 km/hour. Now Matt works as a soccer expert in the media. He has a story to tell and something to remember with his own example.

5. Richie Humphreys

Roberto Carlos and Shearer are remembered by everyone. But Humphreys outside his native England is known by few. The 38-year-old versatile player still takes the field. Playing for Chesterfield. His best times were at the dawn of his career. When Richie was called up to the England youth team. And played four seasons in the Premier League for Sheffield Wansday. In 1996, the young Humphreys wowed the audience with a goal against Aston Villa. The ball as a result of his killing shot flew into the net at a speed of 154.3 kilometers per hour. It got off to a promising start, but it was not to be followed up well.

4. David Trezeguet

The French striker was a natural striker, having scored over a hundred goals for Juventus in Serie A in his time. Trezeguet had a flair for goals and was excellent on the “second floor”. Even before he moved to Italy David made a name for himself in Monaco. It was in the “Monegasque” Trezeguet scored a wonderful goal in 1998 against Manchester United at Old Trafford. The ball almost tore the net in the top corner, gaining in flight speed 154.4 km/hour. With such achievements in his career, it was safe to retire from the fields.

3. David Beckham

The name of the 40-year-old Beckham is known even to people distant from soccer. During his 20-year career, the Englishman has won 19 major trophies, left his mark in such clubs as Manchester United, Real Madrid and Milan. He scored 17 goals in 115 games for England. Penalty kicks performed by Beckham frightened all the goalkeepers in the world. But the goal, which we will remember, was scored from outside the penalty box. In 1997, at the meeting with Chelsea, David hit the target with a powerful shot, after which the ball picked up speed of 157.5 km / h. Beckham seemed to want to be the best at everything on the field.

2. David Hirst

In the early 1990s Hirst was considered a promising English player, he even played three matches for the national team, but failed to fully reveal himself due to injuries. David spent most of his career at Sheffield Wansday, playing for this team in the Premier League 294 games and scoring 106 goals. He occupies an honorable second place in the ranking of the “belles-lettres”. In the match against London’s Arsenal in the season-1996/97, he, however, failed to score: the ball after hitting Hirst flew at a speed of 183.4 km / h and hit the crossbar. However, this shot still went down in history.

1. Ronnie Eberson

Before 2006, Hirst held the record for the best shot, but 10 years ago, Eberson of Brazil surpassed him. Not the most famous player, but still won his moment of fame. Back then Ronnie played for Sporting Portugal and today the 29-year-old midfielder defends for German side Hertha. Ebersson had an absolutely incredible free-kick against Naval. The ball whizzed past all the players and the goalkeeper and into the net at an astonishing speed of 210.8 km/hour. Maybe someone had a better shot at it, but we don’t know. Ronnie is the number one cannon!