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Mostbet: Riding in Turkey


Mostbet: Turkey is a country of tradition, with an exotic past and a unique geographical location. In fact, it is the only country in the world located. On two continents and combining East and West together. Turkey has almost everything that tourists need: in winter the mountains and winter sports are popular. In summer on the Mediterranean coast of the relaxing people from all over the world. What more can be desired by sophisticated travelers?

In recent years, more and more popular among the tourists who come to Turkey for recreation is equestrian sports.

Mostbet: Likia

Likya (Likya bölgesi), an old horse riding area in Turkey, is located on the Teke Peninsula. The area is believed to have been inhabited around 2000 B.C. The landscape is littered with numerous tombs, ancient ruins, and historical monuments. From the rocky mountains and magnificent pine forests to. The marvelous bays and incredible blue seas, Lycia has much in common with the ancient cities.

Lycia is characterized by a sparkling southern coast. Studded with remnants of ancient civilizations, panoramic, green-covered winding hills and picturesque resort towns of the Black Sea region.

It is on horseback that one can explore this vast and varied natural-territorial complex in the best possible way. This place with pristine forests, mountain trails and hidden places. Will appeal not only to riders but also to hikers and anyone who is not indifferent to nature in all its manifestations.

The Sword, Meskandir, Pink Valley and the Valley of Love are some of the most beautiful valleys in Cappadocia, passing through which you. Will come across grape fields and orchards with apple, apricot, nut and other fruit-bearing trees. This wonderful region in central Anatolia is one of the best in Turkey to explore on horseback.


Cappadocia is the historical name of an area in Turkey. If you translate the name Cappadocia in Russian, it means “Land of beautiful horses. During a horseback ride in Cappadocia you can discover the stunning cultural treasures, such as Orthodox churches built right in the caves, underground cities. The largest underground city in Cappadocia is Derinkuyu. This city covers an area of one and a half square kilometers. It has everything: stables, a dining hall, churches, residential quarters, a school and even a prison.