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Mostbet: The biggest winnings in bookmakers in history


Every day mostbet all over the world people bet on sporting events. The amounts can vary, just like the probability of favorable outcomes. Some try to use only proven teams and low odds. While others take a risk with crazy odds and exorbitant numbers. Sometimes fate rewards a person for taking a risk, and he gets more than a decent gift.

The biggest odds

There is a story in the Guinness Book of Records about the biggest express that passed. It had the odds: 209856. One soccer fan made a bet on 14 events of the World Cup 2010 qualifying round.

For unknown reasons, he decided to focus on underdogs, while specifying the exact scores of matches. The most bizarre and fantastic seemed such options as: a draw between Germany and Finland and an away win of the Danes over the Portuguese. Both of these results would not cause so much admiration. If not for the fact that the guy was able to specify the exact scores of the matches: (3:3) and (2:3).

If we talk about single betting, a large number of experienced bettors can remember the European Football Championship in 2004. When the Greek national team was able to create a sensation and beat Portugal in the final. Before the tournament, the odds on the Greeks were around 50.

It is hard enough to determine the highest odds in betting history. Because in the UK, a person can bet on almost anything. In this country, bookmakers often operate illegally or clandestinely. Which allows them to offer the most absurd and unbelievable bets in their opinion.

And yet, if we study the Guinness Book of World Records. We will find that the highest odds were 3,956,748. It was recorded back in 1984 in England, but to be fair, I will note that the man received only 3,000 pounds. This is due to the restrictions imposed on the payment of English bookmakers, in those days.

A record in Russia

A resident of the Russian Federation, became the owner of almost 140 million rubles. This is despite the fact that the amount of his bet was only 50 rubles. He managed to guess all 15 outcomes of events. The most difficult of which was an NHL match which ended in an expected draw.

Big winnings

The biggest betting win was half a million pounds sterling. It went to a man who assembled a express of 15 events and bet $1.5 on them. The total odds were 1666,000, but unfortunately for the guy. One of the events was calculated to be a return. I guess he wasn’t upset when he found out that the other 14 results he had chosen were correct.

This win was recorded in the 21st century, but a £3 million payout was made in 1994. Unfortunately, there is no exact confirmation of the payout. Which is why it would be fair if the biggest. Win was considered to be the previous option.

England is famous for its large amounts of winnings. It was there, one of the fans of Roman Abramovich’s soccer club (Chelsea), made a bet on 14 matches. In which he chose exclusively the outcome of the meeting. Staked sum was only 2 pounds, while the winnings of 69 thousand. In addition, he received more than 20 thousand pounds in the form of bonuses from the bookmaker’s office. All in all, some £2 and some luck, made his family richer by more than £90,000.

Conclusion Each of the presented stories proves that bookmakers can make a person happy, at any moment. Of course, you can seek your luck and make bets on large odds. But sometimes you need to assess the situation sensibly and make a few correct choices. Also, you can not consider a bookmaker’s office as your permanent place of earnings. Betting on sports is usually a hobby or a so-called hobby of a person.