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Mostbet: The Collapse of the Champions.

Mostbet: How the technical revolution in F1 led to the failure of Ferrari and McLaren.

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It was the reforms of 13 years ago led the Red Bull and brought the title to the future Mercedes.

Very soon Formula 1 teams will present their new cars – built according to fundamentally different technical regulations. In the paddock they say that such a scale of reforms in the championship has never been. And any changes in the rules – a chance to change the balance of power. For example, in 2014, the new turbo-hybrid regulations have laid the foundation of the dominance of Mercedes. And five years earlier changes in the rules threw back to the average Ferrari and McLaren…

As we await the presentations and first tests of the 2022 cars. We remember how 13 years ago the grands missed the double diffuser and bet on the wrong thing altogether.

Mostbet: Upside down

By the late 2000s, Ferrari and McLaren dominated Formula One. “Renault”, which together with Fernando Alonso efforts managed to interrupt the hegemony of Michael Schumacher. With the departure of the Spaniard went to the mediocre. The Spaniard won the Singapore Grand Prix, a victory that, as the future will show, cost the team very dear. The third force was considered BMW – and the Bavarians were those who can be included in the fight of the grandees.

However, at the winter tests in Barcelona, the main sensation was Braun – ex-Honda, which in the 2008 season was so bad. That the Japanese rushed to get rid of the team – even if only for one symbolic dollar. Very badly: the Japanese engineers have found a way around the rules. In the diffuser area and generate downforce where the technical regulations seemed to limit it sharply. Prior to the same idea came up in the “Toyota” and “Williams”, but their solution was not so effective.


At the same time “Ferrari” and “McLaren”, focused on how to solve the problems caused by the emergence. Of KERS with weight distribution – the system of regeneration of kinetic energy was originally heavy. In Woking even in the winter tests realized that the machine generates less down force and with such aerodynamics it will not help any KERS.

In the “Ferrari” believed that they are experiencing less problems, but when in the first three races Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen not gained a single point. It became clear that in the Maranello a lot of problems. Meanwhile, “Brown” has already won two races. And in China for the first time in its history won the team “Red Bull”. The balance of power in the championship is upside down.

Mostbet: No one is catching up to Button


Double diffusers gave “Brown” a huge advantage, while quickly copy the component was impossible: in the aerodynamics of the rear of the car. He played a fundamental role, so that the competitors had to remake the whole rear of the machine.

At first, the rivals even tried to ban the car “Brown” and filed protests, but in the FIA admitted that there is no direct . Violation of the text of the regulations, although it was assumed that such decisions are prohibited. But Japanese engineers have read the rules more carefully. Than others and found a loophole – now no one can not forbid them to use their super weapon. At the fifth stage of the season in Spain, Button and Barrichello brought Brown’s second double of the season. While Ferrari and McLaren did not score a total of 20 points.

At Maranello, they gave up by mid-year. In Hungary, Felipe Massa was injured – torn off from the “Brown” Barrichello spring flew in the Brazilian’s helmet. The racer dropped out until the end of the season. Already the week after the race Ferrari switched completely to the car in 2010.

In the “McLaren” continued to fight – and it was in Hungary, cardinally updated car brought the first victory in the season, and then allowed to regularly fight for the podiums. But the moment was already lost Hamilton was only eighth in the championship. Scoring three times less points than Button, and in the Cup of designers “McLaren” was fifth. Jenson never caught up – in the penultimate race of the season the British guaranteed himself the championship title.

A pivotal year

After 13 years, we can say that the season 2009 was a turning point in the history of Formula 1. After the victory of “Braun” in the championship came out on the team “Mercedes”. And in 2010-m it was already the factory team of the Germans – it is she has for eight years in a row wins the Cup of designers. But if not for that season, it is not the fact that the Germans would have parted with the “McLaren.

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For Woking, the loss of a technical partner was a blow that nearly buried the team. In 2011-2012 “McLaren” returned to its former position, fought for victories and championships. But in 2013 began a sharp decline, and with the transition to the new engines “Honda” in the season 2015 and the team fell to the outsiders. Only now, nine years after Button’s victory in Brazil in 2012, McLaren has won a Formula One race again.

Mostbet F1 season

“Ferrari” also eventually managed to get out of the crisis, but by changing teams. Raikkonen “asked” for a couple of years to make room for Fernando Alonso, and he won the first race of the season 2010. It was at this point begins the rise of Mattia Binotto in the team – in 2013-m he will become. Head of the department of power units, and in 2016-m to replace James Ellison as technical director.

But most of all on those changes in the rules played “Red Bull”. In 2009, the car Adrian Newey was not immediately able to outrun Brown, so in the fight for the title Vettel and Webber almost did not participate, but the next four years it is Red Bull was the benchmark for the others and won the title after the title. It is possible that this year, too, Formula 1 will have an unexpected leader.