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Mostbet: Turkey’s stadiums

Mostbet: Türk Telekom Stadium


Mostbet: The jewel of all sports arenas in Turkey is the Türk Telekom arena. This is a multifunctional stadium with a capacity of more than 52 thousand spectators. Such a number of spectators may come to the games of FC Galatasaray, which holds its home matches here.

The stadium was opened quite recently – in 2011. The construction of the arena took about 3 years, and the construction cost was only 128 million euros. The arena has an oval shape, with square stands on three levels. The stadium has a large roof, which covers all seats in the stands. Yes, what can I say, it is a modern and beautiful stadium, which in Turkey can compete with only a few.

The stadium hosts both soccer matches and cultural events. Thus, Bon Jovi and Madonna have already performed at the arena.

İnönü Stadium

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Turkey’s most famous stadium with an interesting name – Inönü is located in the historical part of Istanbul. It has one of the richest histories in Europe. Soccer club Besiktas holds its home matches on it.

The stadium was opened in 1947, immediately becoming the home arena for Besiktas. Its capacity was very poor – only 15 thousand people. But with time several restorations and redevelopments were made, increasing the capacity of the arena to 32,000 spectators. The stadium has a classic antique design on the outside. The stands are square in shape, with rounded corners. Soon the club government will begin another reconstruction, which aims to refresh the stadium design and increase its capacity to 41 thousand people.

The stadium has a number of features. For example, it is the only stadium in the world from which you can see two continents – Europe and Asia. Also from the stands you can see the architectural monuments, including the Dolmabahce Palace and Maiden Tower. It is also this arena that holds the European record for the level of noise produced – 132 dB, which was achieved during the soccer match between Besiktas and Liverpool.

Mostbet: Olympic Stadium in Istanbul

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The Olympic Stadium in Istanbul is one of the largest stadiums in Turkey. Its original design stands out among the stadiums in Europe. In its short history the stadium has hosted many major soccer matches and athletics competitions.

The stadium was opened in 2002. The cost of construction was about 130 million pounds sterling. Capacity of the arena is 76,000 spectators. The grandstands are arranged in several tiers. The peculiarity of this Olympic stadium is an unusual shape of the roof, which is located only above the main stands – it has a different shape on each side: on one side it is undulating, and on the other side it has the shape of a small arc. The arena is also home to running tracks and many other facilities for athletic competitions.

The stadium hosts many social events and athletic competitions. The most memorable match held here was the Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool in 2005.

Fenerbahce Stadion Şükrü Saracioglu

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The Şükrü Saracioglu Stadium is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is the home arena of Fenerbahce FC. Its impressive size and considerable capacity have ensured its place in the top three largest stadiums in Turkey.

The stadium has a square shape. The grandstands are placed in several levels. The stadium is equipped with the most modern equipment and amenities. During its history the arena has been repeatedly reconstructed. The last changes have been carried out in 2006, when the stadium has undergone many small interior changes, and received an increase in the stands, the capacity of which now is more than 50,000 spectators.

The stadium constantly hosts soccer matches of different cups. One of the most famous matches held here is the last final of the UEFA Cup, which took place in 2009.