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Mostbet: UFC fighter taught a troll on the Internet who said he would take him down.


Mostbet: Holland even paid for the “couch fighter’s” ticket and hotel for sweet revenge.

Every athlete encounters Internet bullying and trolling in one way or another. Many simply ignore unpleasant comments, but there are those who react to them acutely. MMA fighter Kevin Holland went even further in this case. He didn’t just respond to his bully, he made him shut his mouth and taught him a valuable lesson!

A certain Jaden Draper started flooding Holland’s Instagram with personal messages. And the fact that the American fighter had 21 victories in MMA, of which he had only four fights left to the judges, did not influence the Internet hero!

Draper wrote Holland in the direct message that he could beat him. In doing so, the “troll” urged the athlete to prove him otherwise.

“All I’m saying is, even though you have a black belt, I’m sure I could beat you. Prove otherwise,” the “troll” wrote back on April 27, 2021.

In May, he urged Holland to respond, “Stop avoiding me!” And in June, the “couch fighter” accused the athlete of cowardice altogether: “Still avoiding me! You cowardly ass.”

Apparently, the American could not stand it and decided to teach his opponent a lesson. It’s unknown exactly when they met in the octagon, but Holland won a landslide victory. After a failed pass attempt to his feet, Kevin put his opponent down and then performed a choke hold, after which the “troll” immediately surrendered.

“One troll eliminated. But there are many more,” Holland wrote, posting a video of the wrestling bout.

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According to expert Ariel Helwani, in order to teach his abuser a lesson, Kevin paid for his bus ticket and hotel accommodation. Surely, after such a noble gesture and a nice lesson Draper became a fan of Holland. Few, if they were a fighter, would have done the same.

By the way, Kevin’s gesture was praised by his colleagues. Tweets and comments under the video put Daniel Cormier, Derrick Lewis, Mike Perry and other athletes. Surely each of them has repeatedly encountered similar insults on social networks.

Notably, many subscribers gave credit to the “troll” who was not afraid to step into the octagon. Users noted that 99.9% of such characters would simply hide behind their nicknames and be afraid to meet in real life.

However, there were the opposite examples. For example, recently some guys started to pick on UFC Hall of Fame member Don Fry. They were punished for that by the legend right in the audience at the UFC tournament! However, I doubt they knew that they were dealing with a MMA legend.

As for Holland, he had his last fight in October 2021, when he faced Kyle Daukas. Kevin lost by submission, but the result of the fight was subsequently cancelled due to the opponents bumping heads during the fight. The UFC felt that the injury affected the result.

Curiously enough, Holland was also soon arrested. The police brought him up on charges of not paying fines that were more than 10 years old. However, Kevin soon paid the fines and was released. Holland’s next fight is scheduled for March at the UFC 272 tournament. His opponent will be Alex Oliveira. I wonder who that “troll” will be supporting in this fight?