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Mostbet: Ukraine has made a comeback in the playoffs


Mostbet: The Ukrainian men’s national water polo team failed to start the home game of the European Championship 2018 playoffs against Turkey, but managed to get back into the game in the second half (8:8).

Ukraine, the winner of the first round of qualifying, was paired with Turkey, one of the easiest choices in the playoffs. To qualify for Euro 2018, the Turkish national team would need to defeat its opponent on the score of two games.

That task seemed quite realistic for the Ukrainians – Turkey is not much stronger than the current Ukrainian national team. However, team excitement and stress kept Ukraine from a decent start in the home playoffs: Turkey scored three dry goals in the first quarter. The Ukrainians came to their senses as early as the second quarter, cutting the lead to one, but still went into halftime trailing 3-5.

Mostbet: Second half

The home team evened the score early in the third quarter (5-5), but then Turkey regained its one goal lead. However, in the end of the game Ukraine pinned the opponent in its half and not only managed to catch up, but even took the lead: 8:7.

Ukraine couldn’t hold on to its lead: a powerful strike by a Turkish player made the score even with one minute left. Ukraine had a great chance to win 20 seconds before the final siren, when Turkey was in the minority: Orest Dzhura (Dynamo Lviv player) got a ball a few meters from the gate, but missed the shot.

The last attack was left to the visitors and they even managed to hit the goal – the goalkeeper of the blue and yellow repulsed the blow on the line. As a result, it was an 8-8 draw, giving Ukraine a chance of qualifying for the European Championship. In Turkey, it will be difficult, but the blue-and-yellow team showed that they can play and can even outplay their opponent.