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Mostbet: Why Fedor Emelianenko and Dana White are antipodes


Mostbet: Two bald men needed each other. But they turned out to be too different.

In absentia, the conflict between Fedor Emelianenko and Dana White continues to smolder – the Russian and the American periodically exchange caustic statements. The topic of conversation is the same: the failed transition of Emelianenko to the UFC promotion.

Although Fedor’s career is close to sunset, his failed performance under White’s wing remains one of the main controversial topics in MMA. How would Fedor have performed in the legendary organization, would he have managed to become champion? Questions that fans will never get an answer to.

“I offered a contract to Emelianenko. Fedor probably still lies in bed every night thinking about it. We made him an offer. We tried to do him a favor, but for some reason Fedor doesn’t like me. We don’t know him personally, we’ve only seen each other once in our lives.

He says that I only think about money. He should have thought more about money when we proposed to him. Then he wouldn’t have had to perform until he was 45,” White said at one of the press conferences.

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In response, Emelianenko said that he had no chance to move to the UFC: “At that time I had a contract with Strikeforce. I didn’t understand why I needed that meeting at all, but the UFC wanted it, Dana White himself, and Vadim Finkelstein insisted on it. We met and talked. I asked a specific question: how do you see that?

I have a contract. So what was there to talk about? Again, again, if the UFC wanted, I would have fought for them. The UFC was showing character, and then I couldn’t fight, and I didn’t want to. You can’t trade a relationship for money.

It feels like White and Emelianenko are talking about completely different things. The American is sincerely convinced that the Last Emperor can’t sleep at night, thinking about the lost money. Fedor is equally genuinely perplexed that they tried to sign him at all under a valid contract with another organization.

The two legendary bald men trivially fail to understand each other-they are antipodes from different cultures and think in opposite categories. Like in a conversation from the movie “Brother 2,” when Sergei Bodrov’s character asks the legendary question, “Tell me, American, what is strength? Is it money?” And he doesn’t understand the question.


We’re not saying that White is a completely negative hero or that Emelianenko is a positive one. No, it’s just that Dana and Fedor are radically different people who needed each other very much at one time, but who could not overcome their psychological differences. There is no right or wrong here: there are only victims – not only White and Emelianenko, but also us, ordinary mixed martial arts fans.

Unfortunately, we’re never going to know the answer to whether or not our legendary compatriot would have been able to shine in the UFC. But there is a winning side – the Bellator promotion, where Fedor moved to in 2017. Scott Coker, unlike the almighty Mr. White, quickly found an approach to Emelianenko.

In particular, the functionary agreed to give a chance to Fedor’s team, which has already repaid him with bright victories and even titles. Emelianenko himself is not yet Bellator champion, but he made some impressive fights and attracted a lot of fans. Maybe the last emperor’s failure to make it to UFC was his destiny?