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Mostbet: World Championship balls after 2000

Mostbet: Japan and South Korea, 2002 Fevernova


Mostbet: The Fevernova ball was the result of three years of work to improve the previous Tricolore ball at the research center in the south of Germany. The new design is based on Asian culture and is unlike its predecessors, the tone for which was set by Tango in 1978. More than 2,500 Fevernova balls were provided for the World Cup matches, and subsequently about six million exact copies were sold worldwide.

Memorable photo. Brazilian striker Ronaldo outplaying German goalkeeper Oliver Kann, opening the scoring in the match. Brazil’s final match against Germany in Yokohama, which ended with a 2-0 win by the Brazilians

Germany, 2006 +Teamgeist

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With its name +Teamgeist, the originators wanted to remind everyone that one of the most important ingredients for success in the World Cup is team spirit. Team’ means ‘team’ in German and ‘geist’ means ‘spirit’. The ball is made of 14 external structural panels, which resulted in a 60% reduction of joints.

This initiative is aimed at increasing the accuracy of the kick and improving the control of the ball. The design has undergone significant changes compared to its predecessor. As for the plus sign in front of the name of the ball, this was done due to the fact that the regular expression could not be used as a trademark on its own.

Memorable photo. French midfielder Zinedine Zidane fighting for the ball with Italian players – defender Marco Materazzi and midfielder Gennaro Gattuso. The final match Italy – France, held in Berlin, which ended in victory for the Italian players on penalties.

Mostbet: South Africa, 2010 Jabulani

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In Zulu, the word Jabulani means “to celebrate”. The ball is made in South African style. Jabulani consists of eight outer structural panels bonded together by thermal bonding technology, which increases the accuracy of the kick. Eleven different colors were used in the design of the 11th model of the ball created by adidas for the world championships. These colors represent the 11 players on each team, the 11 official languages of South Africa and the 11 tribes of South Africa.

Commemorative photo. Scandalous episode in the match 1/8 finals Germany – England, which ended with the German players’ victory with a score of 4-1. After English midfielder Frank Lampard’s shot the ball crossed the goal line, defended by goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, but the referees didn’t notice it and the goal was not counted.

Brazil, 2014. Brazuca

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In the summer of 2014 players will play in the World Cup in Brazil with Brazuca balls. The design of the new ball was kept secret for a long time, but in an open vote in which more than a million Brazilians participated, its name was determined. For the option Brazuca voted 77.8% of participants in the poll. For the first time in history the name of the ball for the World Cup was chosen by fans.

The design of the ball was described as revolutionary and with six panels. Brazuca is decorated with ribbons of three colors, symbolizing the so-called bracelets of wishes, which are worn in Brazil. According to legend, the bracelet must be wrapped around your wrist and tied three knots, making a wish on each one. When the bracelet tears and falls from your hand, it is believed that the wishes you made should begin to come true.