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National Hockey League Mostbet apk: information about the tournament and betting on the NHL

Mostbet apk

Mostbet apk the National Hockey League (NHL) is the major hockey league in North America and the most popular ice hockey championship in the world.

The NHL has 31 teams from the United States and Canada. They are divided into two conferences and four divisions:

  • Eastern Conference – Metropolitan and Atlantic divisions.
  • The Western Conference – the Central and Pacific divisions.

The top prize of the tournament is the Stanley Cup. Of all the clubs currently in the league, twenty have managed to take this trophy at least once.

The league has expanded and contracted at various times. The nearest addition is planned for 2021 – the Pacific Division will be joined by a club from Seattle.

NHL regulations: win the game and the tournament

With the current roster, each club plays 82 games in the season. Forty-one games are played on home ice and 41 on away ice. A team gets two points for winning a game. A loss in overtime or a shootout gives the team one point. The loser of the regular time does not get any points.

As already mentioned, West and East are divided into divisions. In the KHL, the focus is on the conference standings, while in the NHL, teams are focused on leading their division. The top three teams in each division are determined. They are guaranteed a playoff berth. Four more clubs qualify for elimination games by finishing seventh and eighth in their respective conferences for the NHL regular season.

The team with the most points in the entire regular season is awarded the President’s Cup.

The playoffs begin immediately after the regular season ends. First, teams play in the playoffs against other members of their respective conferences. In each round, the confrontation is played until four games are won. This is how the East and West champions are determined. They get separate trophies – the Prince of Wales trophy for the best team in the Eastern Conference and the Clarence Campbell trophy for the winner of the Western Conference.

Winners of these prizes meet in the Stanley Cup Final, the league’s top trophy. Here, too, a four-game winning streak is played. The winner becomes the triumphant of the entire NHL season.

What should you know before betting on the NHL with Mostbet apk?

In America, sports are treated as a show to entertain the spectators. That’s why NHL courts are smaller – it allows for more power plays, speedy skirting and nice shots.

Also the size of the court affects performance – the average total scored here is higher than in European hockey. As an example, let’s estimate the number of pucks per game on average. In the 2018/19 season in the KHL, Torpedo had the highest figure – 5.7 goals per game. These are average numbers for the NHL, and the leaders last season were Chicago Blackhawks hockey players – 6.6 goals per game.

The calendar is very tightly structured. Division into divisions and good American logistics help to implement it.  And that’s why the teams sometimes play 4 games in a week. It is worth paying attention to this, before choosing a bet on the NHL.

In the NHL it is not customary to interrupt the season. The only reason to do so is Christmas. Clubs do not let their hockey players go to national teams and do not pause for the World Cup or the Euro Tour. Matches can even be played on New Year’s Eve.

Useful information for NHL betting Mostbet apk

Legalbet has launched a betting center for the NHL, so that betting fans always have a source of current and important information.

It publishes match results and a calendar of meetings. The schedule of games for today is highlighted separately. Next to the name of the match there are always bookmaker odds.

Our team of experts and handicappers publish their predictions for the next NHL games. It is a good help for independent analysis and selection of interesting bets.


How does the NHL stand for?

NHL – National Hockey League.

How many teams play in the NHL?

Currently there are 31 teams in the NHL. In 2021 there will be one more club – from Seattle, Washington.

How many games in an NHL season?

In the regular season, an NHL team plays exactly 82 games (41 home, 41 away). If a club makes the playoffs, they can play anywhere from 4 games (if they are eliminated in the first round) to 28 games (if they win the Stanley Cup, winning all series 4-3).

What is the NHL Draft? The NHL Draft always precedes the start of the season. It is the process by which clubs in the league select players. The focus is always on young hockey players who have not yet debuted in the NHL. Their potential is evaluated by the league’s central scouting office.